Buildings up to 85 ft. will be allowed on streets near bus stops
Buildings up to 75 ft. will be allowed on streets near rail stops
Buildings as high as 75 ft. would be erected (in "job rich" zones)
Statewide ban on single-family-zoning, impacting 8M homes
Fire Hazard Severity Zones are exempt from bigger buildings
Only the Coastal Zones within small cities will be protected
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SB 50 is a Demolition Derby of Your Street, from San Diego to Long Beach, L.A. to San Francisco

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s radical Senate Bill 50 bans single-family zoning in most of California to let developers buy out and bulldoze working-class, middle-class and historic homes, replacing them with 10-unit luxury apartments, luxury four-plexes, or apartment towers up to 8-stories high.

Wiener’s reckless experiment on an entire state was put on hold last spring amidst massive opposition from Californians, but SB 50 will come roaring back in Wiener's new campaign push in October or November of 2019. He wants approval by the California legislature and Gov. Newsom in early 2020.

You Must Act Now

What's so bad about SB 50?

Yes, your neighborhood is targeted. Do you live in an area below?

Which areas are saved from SB 50 and its disastrous "buy-out-and-bulldoze" concept?

Bob Hertzberg, the respected California Senate Majority Leader, opposes SB 50 and calls the plan full of “unintended consequences.” The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco — Scott Wiener's own hometown — have taken opposition votes against it, as have scores of other cities, numerous social justice groups and the L.A. County Democratic Party.